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Info: Skins will apply to your currently active skin slot on

Important: Bonk Leagues Skin Manager uses local storage to save skins,
meaning skins are saved only in this browser, NOT YOUR BONK ACCOUNT!

Make sure to backup your skins if you are switching computers
or clearing your browser history!

Backup skins
Add skin from...

Use the Bonk Leagues Skin Editor
Create a skin with our drag-and-drop editor
My current skin
Adds your current skin from
Sample skins
Pick from a selection of premade skins

Select skin slot to add from

Backup Skins

Info: This section is for importing/exporting skin files to back them up and keep them safe.

Export all skins to a file

Import skins from a file

Delete all my skins

Sample Skin Categories



Info: We are currently not accepting any new submissions for Sample Skins as we are remaking the system. Sorry!

X Sample Skins


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Info: We are currently not accepting any new submissions for Sample Skins as we are remaking the system. Sorry!

Adding skin

What would you like to name this skin?

Save Skin!Cancel

Tip: Once this skin is added, hover over it and press 'APPLY' on the button that appears to use it on

Editing skin

Open in Skin Editor

Skin name:
Skin slot colour: reset


Cancel Delete Skin

Share your skin

Info: By sending a Skin Sharing link, you are sharing meaning whoever you give these codes to will be able to use your skin.


Your skin share link has been clicked x time(s)!

Show your skin

Generated Skin Image:
Info: If sharing to Discord or other social media, use 'Copy image' instead of 'Copy image address'.


A skin has been shared with you!

Unknown has shared their skin "Unknown" with you!

Do you want to add it to your Skin Manager saved skins?
Yes! Nope

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Welcome to the Bonk Leagues Skin Manager! To start, log in above.

Here you can save, load, manage and share unlimited amounts of skins for

You can also store multiple skins and transfer them across accounts!


If you have ANY ideas, encounter a bug, or want to give feedback, feel free to tell us in our Discord server.

From the creators of Bonk Leagues...

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