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Custom themes, cosmetics, enhancements and more!

Unlock tons of new features now:

What is it?

Bonk Leagues Client is a mod for ( which adds tons of new features to help make your gaming experience even more fun!

BL Client is not a hacked client and is completely safe for you to use.

Simply install the extension for your browser, and you'll be ready to start using BL Client on Bonkio!


Equip cosmetics like hats, trails and custom name colours to your player!

Cosmetics make your Bonk player stand out and look unique.


Jazz up your experience with custom-made, carefully crafted themes!

Themes change the appearance and style of the user interface.

Other Cool Stuff

Bonk Leagues Client has loads of other cool features to play around with:

Text-to-speech chat, spectator freecam, chat formatting, custom commands, and more!

What are you waiting for?

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