Bonk Leagues_ Unblocked - Play Bonkio here! is a multiplayer .io game where you can play with up to eight people at the same time. The goal is simple: don't fall off the edge! Be the last one standing to win.

You can challenge your friends or players from all over the globe. Whether you're playing solo or in a team, Bonkio combines strategy and skill.

Bonk Leagues is the best place to play unblocked, with new features such as the Bonk Leagues Skin Editor and Skin Manager.

How to play

Control your character with the arrow keys and press X make yourself heavier. Being heavier means you can hit harder and resist being pushed, but it also makes you slower.

Quickly jump into a match with the quick play option, or set up your own custom game just the way you like it.

Design your own levels with the built-in map editor and share them with others.

How to change skin in

Customize your ball with a unique skin. You can create your own skin using the Bonk Leagues Skin Editor, or choose from tons of sample skins in the Skin Manager.

The Bonk Leagues Skin Manager lets you easily save, share, and apply skins to your character in It is the best way to manage your skins in

How to get mods for

You can unlock additional features and mods for by downloading the Bonk Leagues Client.

The client is a browser extension that enhances your experience with new features and customization options.

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From the creators of Bonk Leagues...

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